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Varied uses:

  • Low air velocity applications – when low air velocity is required in an application such as electron beam microscope installations and other laboratory applications where higher velocity air streams can affect equipment performance and calibration.
  • Meat and Cheese aging/curing – when low air velocity is needed to prevent the drying of meats and cheeses a gravity coil can provide the required cooling while also not drying the product.
  • Explosion Proof Rooms – Gravity coils are inherently safe to provide cooling for applications where non-sparking materials with no moving parts are used to eliminate the need for electrical motors and fans.

Gravity coils utilize the simple concept that warm air rises and cold air falls to setup low velocity air circulation in a conditioned space – either air conditioning or refrigeration applications.

A louvered drainpan is used to catch water droplets that condense on the coil and channels the water to a drainpan located at one end of the gravity coil assembly.

Different configurations can be designed to provide optimum cooling for a space. Long/narrow or short/wide can be designed and built for most applications.

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